Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oh, For God's Sake.

How fitting is it that the GOP and other assorted rightwing nutters are planning nationwide tea parties protesting taxes? TEA stands for "Taxed Enough Already," presumably protesting rich people taking on a bigger tax liability due to Obama's common sense.

While the GOP are obviously ripping off the Boston tea party idea, where in 1773 disgruntled Americans threw crates of tea into the river to protest high tea taxes, I think the real reason they chose the tea party idea was because of modern day gay tea dances. I mean, it's no secret that the GOP has more self loathing, secret gays than Larry Craig's wet dreams.

My business partner Guillermo is a world renown computer programmer. We met while working for those crooks at my former company.
Through them, he met this Casper Milquetoast-style religious guy who was a potential investor.
After our former employer went bust, this religious guy sought out Guillermo to work with him and his cronies on their new rightwing web site.
This so-called religious guy is a strict constitutionalist, gun loving, woman hating, racist pig who refers to our President as "Obamanation."
He and his rich, white male cronies are but millions of hate mongering lunatics who want to stir up outrage, riots and a complete overthrow of the government.
After hearing his nutty shtick, my partner politely told him was was totally nuts and should go fuck himself.

So my friends, on April 15 when the news reports these innocent sounding tea parties throughout the nation, just bear in mind the organizers and attendees are vicious, unAmerican white guys who just cannot stand the idea of a Black man in charge.
In many ways, they are more insidious than a bar full of bikers high on meth.


Dusty said...

Wow..great rant Karen. It's amazing what people do and how they rationalize it.

I went off today must be a full moon or some shit eh?

Anonymous said...

I hope the teabaggers remember that this is a nation of laws. They had nothing to say while Cheney and Co. ran up 10 billion a month in Iraq whistling to and fro the bank while Halliburton served our kids rotten food, raped its own employees and KBR was electrocuting them in their showers and serving them ice with corpse pieces in it. No problem with any of that huh guys? But when the 1%ers who were diapered and burped by the W. regime are asked to pay their fair share they send their little flunkie bitches out dressed in teabag costumes. It'd be a cosmic bit of comedy if the teabaggers were met by the national guard now wouldn't it ?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Tea Baggers? BWAHAHAHAHA!!
Hey, I'd love it if Obama sent out the National Guard to pepper spray these a-holes.
Trouble is, thanks to Bush, all the National Guard troops are over in the Middle East getting shot and stepping on ied's.

Lisa said...

All this talk of teabagging is giving me the vapors.

I must take to my fainting couch now. (Clutches pearls, swoons in the most ladylike way.)

You're not buying this one bit are you?

(Fucking fucker fuckers. What a bunch of dangerous tools they are. And they are better armed and more convinced of their victimhood than any gang of black teens I've ever seen.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah the teabaggery in these parts is the ugly baby of the freepers joined with the ones who scratched their W. stickers off their cars around 07 sometime and now think they are Ron Paul's illegitimate spawn. That they are choosing taxes as an issue worth taking to the terrace over is fucking hilarious and so telling of their fatass lawn tractor with cupholder values. So what if 5000 poor kids get blown to bits in shithole Iraq, Obama wants us to pay our fair share!! Waaaaaaah...fucking fuckers is right.

Lulu Maude said...

"the GOP has more self loathing, secret gays than Larry Craig's wet dreams...." Great!!!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Ron Paul.
When someone tells me they really like what he has to say, I tell them, "Yeah, I like that he was against the invasion of Iraq, but otherwise he's crazier than a rat in a coffee can."
If these rich, honky pink teabaggers had any sense, they'd lynch George W. Bush for fucking things up for white guys.
It must feel like shit to lose power after centuries of having it.
Wah. Too bad, so sad.

nonnie9999 said...

yay for guillermo for sticking to his principles. in this economy, a lot of people would have taken the job, even if they didn't believe the shit casper milquetoast is trying to disperse.

it really pisses me off that they are defiling the boston tea party. it took place on december 16th, my bday (no, not the same year).

bigsis said...

How clueless do they think we are not to get the sexual "teabagging" reference? Rachel couldn't hold back the laughter last night when she used the term. I wonder if they've already chosen teams to decide who get to dip their tea bags into whom?

I'm going to be laughing my ass off that entire day when I hear about those queens "teabagging" each other. HAHAHAHSHAHA

dguzman said...

I'm so glad Guillermo and wife are turning out to be so great!

And I second Rastamick's comments. Those fucking fuckers get no sympathy from me.

Distributorcap said...

i just like reading the comments