Friday, April 03, 2009

The Unravelling of Another Rightwing Nutter

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These rightwing pundits just can't get crazy enough.
Between that bloviating gasbag Rush Limbaugh, the angry asshole Bill O'Reilly, bitter battle ax Ann Coulter, Miss "I hate you rong time" Michelle Malkin and those guttersnipe meat puppets at Fox News, it's hard to grab lunatic rightwing viewer ratings without a new gimmick.
Enter Glenn Beck, who's radical paranoia and flag sucking shtick was wearing so thin, he had to ramp things up by losing his mind right on the air over his latest rant, Americans losing "the spirit of 9/12."
He's reduced himself to on-air crocodile tears and stammering over the loss of American harmony like we shared the day after the 9/11 attacks.
Never mind that not too long ago he raged against 9/11 victims' families whom he perceived as whining ingrates, now he's so desperate to get his very own issue, he's decided on 9/12. Weak.
So nutty is his new obsession, he's about as believable as Lou Dobbs announcing that he's quitting the media to become a full-time coyote who supports the humane smuggling of illegal aliens over the Mexican border.
Often I think Stephen Colbert takes gags a little too far, but this time his exaggerated reaction to Beck's lunacy was spot-on. It was no sillier than Beck's desperate-for-ratings antics.
For God's sake, Beck, have you no shame?
America has a looming economic crisis, environmental perils and a crippling health insurance debacle, and you think it's a great time to literally cry on-the-air about the loss of 9/12's surge of patriotism?
What a desperate, pandering weasel this guy is.
If he's the newly revived voice of the radical right, going off the deep end for viewers by pulling cheesy stunts like this; hooray for our side.
Keep crying, Beck. You're breaking our hearts. :)


Dusty said...

Beck is such a bag of bagshit ain't he?

And you can't tell me that Rush Limbo was sucking for ratings when he said he hoped Obama would fail. It's all fuckery for ratings..all of it.

Karen Zipdrive said...

After the Bush debacle, you'd think at least a few of these wingnut conservative pundits would wise up and defect, but no.
Their one defining feature is that they cannot admit they are or ever were wrong about anything.
With the GOP in total failure mode, you'd think they'd tone down the radical rightwing rhetoric, but they seem to be jacking up the bullshit and trying to out-do each other in the batshit crazy department.
I guess one of them will have to punch a liberal on live TV soon.
Crying and ranting are so 2008!

Dusty said...

Their one defining feature is that they cannot admit they are or ever were wrong about anything. Spot on KZ!!! That is a wholly rethuglican ego-trip...think about it..Bush couldn't do that and neither could The Big Dick Cheney.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there also something self-canceling in the very act of bitching about someone you perceive to be a complainer ? Bush yawned and went fishing after Condi read him the August 18th(?) memo that said "Al Qaeda plans to attack inside the US using airplanes as weapons" -- but we did everything we could for those damned whining families huh Glen ? I like my hippie nephew's bumper sticker : "Where was Your Flag on September 10th ?

Dr. Monkey said...

People like Beck will blame others when they get someone killed.

Shimmy said...

Ann Coulter said: "When I'm making love, I think about Ahmad Tanveer, an immigration detainee who died of a heart attack because he got no medical attention in a New Jersey prison; Ana Romero Rivera, a 44-year-old Salvadoran cleaning woman who was found hanged in 2008 in an isolation cell in a county jail in Frankfort, KY, where she was awaiting deportation; and an 18-year-old Haitian woman, known only as 'Mari Rosa,' coughing up blood for hours without medical attention in 2007 at the Glades County Jail in Moore Haven, FL."

nonnie9999 said...

how long do you think it will take for glenn dreck to go back to drinking? maybe he already has. maybe that's why he keeps crying. maybe he's a weepy drunk. just kidding, of course. i think the real reason for his constant crying is his lack of a penis.

bigsis said...

Bill O'Reilly told Letterman the only reason Rush's ratings went up is because Bill discontinued his radio program. So the wingnuts are eating their own and I'm loving it. I say keep them on the air and let them dig their own graves with their big fat flapping lips.