Monday, April 20, 2009

Joe Scarborough, Take Your Smug Sarcasm and Shove It Up Your Ass

Wouldn't you love to punch him right in the mouth?
With all his Republican, holier-than-thou bluster, many of us still want to know about the dead female aide who was found in his Florida Congressional office at the same time Democrat Congressman Gary Condit was under intense national media scrutiny.
Scarborough resigned shortly thereafter- saying he, "wanted to spend more time with his family."
Yeah, right.
Well, we all know Gary Condit was exonerated, but he was investigated half to death and hounded by the media in a total rush to judgment.
Apparently, when Republicans are tied in with female aides found dead on their office floors, it's a nothing matter that requires no investigation.

So...that makes him smug, sarcastic AND suspicious.


Lisa said...

I've gotten so angry lately at Joe S. that I've taken to watching Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel with Garbo. And even after Garbo gets in the shower, I don't change the channel back to MSNBC. I just can't take him.

nonnie9999 said...

squinty is an asshole who never had an original thought in his life. he gets the fax from wingnut central and repeats them. i would not be surprised if he has several things already shoved up his ass along with his smug sarcasm. hence, the squinty eyes. they scream intestinal blockage. i think he should be sentenced to solitary confinement with only mika to talk to.

Distributorcap said...

he is remarkable isnt he? remarkably one of the worst pieces of shit around

Dusty said...

Joey Scar is a douchebag of mythic stature. A real bag of dogshit he is.

And that Pat Buchanan can kiss my hairy ass as well. Gawd I hate Patty Boy. I tried this morning to watch as I am up at the buttcrack of dawn for some reason..forgetaboutit..I saw all of 10 minutes! Fools and Buffoons!

bigsis said...

I'm all smiles because yesterday Chris and the heavens above rewarded us with a Pat Buchanan/ Lawrence O'Donnell throw down.

A thing of beauty. Larry all cool and totally factual while Patty spit and sputtered and scowled and was left pretty much speechless.

The topic was O's handshake with the Chavez. Patty was horrified of course. Then Lawrence started in with dates and places of R's who had hugged up on despots in the past and tore into the R's for conveniently forgetting all that.

It was like winning a bundle in Vegas and fearing it'll never be repeated so its best to just avoid the pundits and dream of that moment.

I'd rather sit through Nancy's never ending show about Caylee than Joe "the murderer" Scarborough.

nonnie9999 said...

i think we need to start a lawrence o'donnell fan club. i even love him when he's on big love. it's positively artful how he turns poor patty into a sputtering, stammering, hysterical pile of jello while larry O looks cool, calm, and collected. it's a thing of beauty.

Dusty said...

oooh..I love Lawrence too! The man can make Patty Buchanan look like a pile of dogpoop without breaking a sweat!