Friday, April 17, 2009

It Backfired! Gotta Love It.

By now it's pretty plain to see those bullshit tea parties and rabid tea baggers were exposed as the ignorant racists they are.
It wasn't about taxes- if it were they'd know that Obama's tax cuts were great for anyone who earns less than $250,000 a year.
It wasn't about deficit spending; if it were the teabaggers would have protested Bush years ago for squandering the surplus and pissing off trillions of dollars with nothing to show for it.
It was about ignorant, racist, xenophobic bastards, period.
It was about insecure white people who are quick to make up lies and distort facts in a clumsy effort to discredit the president, just because he's Black.
It was about selfish, arrogant people with a crazy sense of entitlement who refuse to accept that Obama won the majority of votes and became our legally elected, well-qualified commander in chief.
It was about angry, scared people who need the security of gun ownership because they feel too small and powerless to exist without them.

I love that the Republicans continue to back ridiculous plans and even more ridiculous people, only to dig themselves deeper into obsolescence.
Who really is their leader now?
Michael Steele is a blithering idiot.
Bobby Jindal? Please.
Rush Limbaugh? Most people hate that bloviating slob.
Fox News meat puppets? Pandering whores.
Sarah Palin? Don't make me laugh.
Eric Canter? Amateur hour.
Newt Gingrich? Totally 80's retro neocon jerkoff.
Rick Perry? Lunatic, grouchy son of a bitch.

It's almost impossible to name a Republican without several major flaws, be they character flaws, financial scandals or morality issues.

While it's fantastic that the GOP is starting to cave in on itself, as they grow more desperate I fear they'll take even more radical stances and inspire some paranoid, gun owning nutter to try to shoot Obama or some other Democrat.
Like wounded animals, they are most dangerous when cornered.


bigsis said...

The Repubs are so out of touch they're hardly worth mentioning. But the media continues to do so. I'm angry with all the media right now because they're perpetuating the madness. What good is served by interviewing Tom DeLay, except to whip up the wing nuts?

The media has to know that when real news is reported, especially the heartening stuff, the market and our economy generally spikes. I guess stability doesn't sell air time.

Karen Zipdrive said...

What pisses me off is that my news source, MSNBC, continues to invite on rightwing douchebags to give their side of the story.
I wish they'd get that if we cared what those jerks had to say, we could click over to Fox "News."

nonnie9999 said...

the rethugs are like the crazy relative of a previously respected family. you paid respect to the family for many, many years, but then some genetic mutant comes along, and everyone thinks that they have to treat the mutant with the same respect they paid the family previously, even though the mutant is batshit crazy. we all sit and wait around for someone to come along and announce that the mutant does not deserve respect or attention or a reality show. of course, most of the people already know that, but the media gasps. how long before they realize that the whistleblower is correct, and the media belittles itself when they aggrandize the mutant child.

Greg said...

I share the concern you express in the conclusion. This all kind of started at the McCain and Palin rallies, when people were shouting "terrorist" and "kill him" and no one with a microphone near their face was going "hey, wait a second." This now continues with rallies about "taxes" and speeches about "seceding."

But as many crazies we saw at those teabag rallies, there are tons of people in this country who support these goofballs on one or two key issues and will follow them into the pit no matter what they say or no matter what horrible thing they inspire.

Strange, though, as much as Ron Paul was meant to look like the crazy one at all of those Republican primary debates last year, his argument now seems to be the general direction in which the party claims they're going. Plus a whole lot of crazy.

Randal Graves said...

Doesn't matter who is or isn't their leader or how ridiculous they are. Until the great mass of low-info voters vanishes or gets some curiosity, never count out the goopers in 2012.

FranIAm said...

The GOP are like my neighbors - tacky, stupid, loud and so annoying.

Lulu Maude said...

Way to say it, Fran--tacky, stupid, loud and so annoying. That's what I like in their style!

bigsis said...

I agree with Greg that its frightening that there's no one with a voice of reason among the wing nuts. I think that voice should come from the media, any of them would do. Instead we get MSNBC et al pandering to the wing nuts and upsetting those of us who just want to conduct our lives based on accurate and complete information about what's actually going on the world and in our country.

Lisa said...

Just yesterday I almost fell out of my chair when I read someone's Facebook status update (a guy I went to high school with). He wrote that he thought Jeanine Garaofolo should be shot between the eyes for what she'd said about the tea party goers.

This is not good.

dguzman said...

Nice post, Zip, and Bigsis is oh so right when she says, "What good is served by interviewing Tom DeLay, except to whip up the wing nuts?"

That basically sums up the "news" strategy these days; they refuse to stop allowing the crazies their airtime, even though they're crazies. Until that stops, plenty of people in this country will continue to think those crazies actually have a valid point--which is crazy.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I wish just one major pundit would have asked that bastard Prick Perry, "Yeah, once you secede will the new nation of Texas be picking up the tab for interstate highways, Social Security benefits, veterans' benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, the Texas Armed Forces, border security, etc.?

Dusty said...

I adore Janeane Garofalo's explanation of the rightwing nuttery..its fabulous! ;)

bigsis said...

Who is this new guy "Ed" on MSNBC and why does he seem okay when I listen to snippets of his show? If he's another trouble maker someone please warn me.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Ed's a liberal talk radio veteran who looks like a Republican conservative, so he is rather befuddling.
But he's sort of loud and I'm not sure he's got a face for TV.
After all that teabagging humor, I kinda miss David Schuster having his own show.

Dusty said...

KZ, I agree with your pov on Ed..and David Shuster will eventually have his own show (with Tamron Hall) again, but he is too busy filling in for Olbermann lately it seems.