Monday, July 06, 2009

Anna Deavere Smith: Horrible Ham

I had the pleasure of watching all the episodes of "Nurse Jackie" on my sister's giant TV over the weekend when I was in Austin.
I adored the show, I love Edie Falco, and the whole cast is fantastic on this show, except for the eternally awful Anna Deavere Smith.
What a fucking hambone.
Regular readers may recall my run-in with Smith during Ann Richards's wake.
There Big Sis and I were at Shultz's Beer Garden, dining with my idol Lily Tomlin, her partner Jane Wagner and that snippy cow Anna Deavere Smith, whom I didn't know from Adam at the time.
Trying to be sociable, I ask her what she did. She sniffed, "I'm an ACTOR." I asked if I'd ever seen her in anything and she looked down her nose and said, "The West Wing?"
"Nope, sorry," I replied.
She was livid.
I didn't care.
I turned my attention back to Jane, whom I loved on sight. We were cracking each other up, so I told her I'd give her $12 for her e-mail address.
Anna Deavere Nicole Smith butted in and said, "DO NOT GIVE HER YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS."
I was fuming, and I never did get Jane's addy.
Anyway, I didn't recognize her at first on Nurse Jackie until I mentioned to my sister and her partner that she was the one actor on the show who was too slapstick and hammy for the rest of the understated cast.
They looked at each other funny, so I refocused on the screen and said, "Oh no, it's that fucking cow from Ann Richards's wake!"
I couldn't recall her name, but I did remember that arrogant puss of hers.
She may be a helluva stage actress, but that emoting to the rafters shit does not work well on television, especially on HD.
I hope they kill her off on Nurse Jackie tout de suite.
Send her ass back to off-off Broadway and let her thrill those audiences.
And keep her out of Texas, please. She's been doing some stage acting in Austin and this state is not big enough for the both of us.
Fuckin' overacting cow.


Karen Zipdrive said...

I'm sure that cow Anna Deavere Shitz must Google herself daily.
I hope she reads this. :P

Dusty said...

I love Nurse Jackie and never miss it. Interesting that Smith is the one ACTOR on the show I think stinks and plays a character very close to her own self. ;)

FranIAm said...


that's all i'm sayin...

Distributorcap said...

that is what sarah palin is going to look like

bigsis said...

I don't know what stages she appears on even off off Broadway. If she appears anywhere its because the kind and generous Lily Tomlin asked someone to allow this big HAM on stage. ADS appears at the Austin Zachary Scott Theater on occasion in nameless crap. Horrible ACTOR and not a nice person, hope she doesn't ruin "Nurse Jackie".

p.s. When she told Zip her name, Zip wrinkled up her face and actually responded, "Anna Nicole Smith...whu??" The conversation went downhill from there.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Well, who the hell introduces themselves to a casual stranger with her whole freakin' name?
I thought she was Lily's assistant and there she comes out with that long-ass name.
Just plain Anna would have been fine. Then I could ignore a bitch with a shorter name.

dguzman said...

*giggling hysterically*

I woulda paid money to be see HER face when you said "Anna Nicole Smith... whu?" like bigsis said. hee hee hee!

You're the coolest, Zip!

HelenWheels said...

Hey, so cool you are friends with Lilly Tomlin, she does GREAT work for the nonprofit I work for. She helped publicize our elephant campaign.

I really hadn't taken much notice of that woman but I will now. Love Nurse Jackie!