Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Karen Zipdrive Breaks Down Health Care

I rarely quote my father because he's a crusty old racist Republican warmongering white guy with a closed, narrow mind.
But, years ago when I was a teen, he said, "Whenever you go to a huge city and see the skyline, the tallest buildings will usually be insurance companies because they are the richest, crookedest bastards there are."
Dad was right.
Now we have a president who's trying to find a way to provide health care for all Americans, and opposing him are Senators and Congress Representatives who receive millions of dollars in contributions from insurance companies--the richest, crookedest bastards there are.

Here are all the facts you need to know:

(Reuters) - The United States spends more on healthcare than any other country in the world but has higher rates of infant mortality, diabetes and other ills than many other developed countries.

Here is a comparison of the United States' healthcare costs versus those of selected other countries in 2006:

UNITED STATES: 15.9 pct of GDP, $6,657 per capita

BRAZIL: 7.9 pct of GDP, $371 per capita

CANADA: 9.7 pct of GDP, $3,430 per capita

CHINA: 4.7 pct of GDP, $81 per capita

FRANCE: 11.1 pct of GDP, $3,807 per capita

GERMANY: 10.7 pct of GDP, $3,628 per capita

INDIA: 5.0 pct of GDP, $36 per capita

ISRAEL: 7.9 pct of GDP, $1,533 per capita

JAPAN: 8.2 pct of GDP, $2,936 per capita

MEXICO: 6.4 pct of GDP, $474 per capita

SOUTH AFRICA: 8.7 pct of GDP, $437 per capita

SWEDEN: 8.9 pct of GDP, $3,598 per capita

RUSSIAN FEDERATION: 5.2 pct of GDP, $277 per capita

UNITED KINGDOM: 8.2 pct of GDP, $3,064 per capita

(Source: The World Bank)

And don't get me started on health stats- America is about 16th on the list, behind Morocco.

It's pretty simple, really.
We don't have to spend that much unless we want to keep forking over our money to the richest, crookedest bastards there are.
They need to lower their rates and eliminate loopholes.
They need to compete with the Feds--a not-for-profit organization.
It's okay if Big Insurance makes a profit, they just need to do it legally and stop fucking American consumers.

Anyone who tells you America does not need drastic healthcare reform is either:
1. A politician who's in the pocket of big insurance companies
2. An idiot
3. A Party of No member (GOP)
4. Against anything Obama is for because they are partisan racists
5. Heartless and selfish
6. All of the above


Anonymous said...

Sho enough.....

I cringe when I hear these congresspeople who have the gall to ask....
"What's the hurry?"

People are literally DYING for lack of healthcare.

I say pull the plug on the Cadillac healthcare policy Congress has & require them to use only free clinics.

How fast their tune would change!


Karen Zipdrive said...

I loved how Rachel Maddow played vintage tapes of Clinton, then Harry Truman talking about the urgent need for health reform.
What's the hurry?
Obama was right about nothing getting done with those lazy bastards in both houses.
BigSis told me Nancy Pelosi said no recess until this thing is addressed. If that's true, nice going, Nancy.

nonnie9999 said...

the rethugs are so fucking disgusting that they make me sick. rudy 9/11 was on hardball laughing about how people don't have health insurance, because they spend their money on big screen tvs instead. john barrasso, senator and fucking doctor from wyoming was on the ed show talking about how he gets a choice of 15 or so insurance plans to pick from and how great it is. of course, he doesn't have to worry about paying for it or preexisting conditions or losing it if he ever leaves congress. he's got coverage for life. but for everyone else? fuck 'em!

my son got really sick and didn't have health insurance. he was trying to find some that was affordable when he got sick. he didn't want anything to be on the record so that the insurance company would reject him or charge him out the wazoo for a preexisting condition. he has a friend who's from france and knows a doctor there. he emailed the doctor my son's symptoms, and the doctor gave the best diagnosis and suggestions for treatment he could. he suggested antibiotics, but he couldn't write him a prescription. therefore, my son turned to another friend who works in a veterinarian's office. she got him the antibiotics. he got better at first, and then got really bad again. he finally went to one of the walk-in clinics, and the doc there gave him another kind of antibiotic. he got those at a pharmacy, and they cost a ridiculous amount of money. they didn't work. he went back to the clinic, and the doc said he had to go to a specialist. he had to pay a couple of hundred bucks for the consult, a couple hundred more for more meds, and them another couple of hundred for an ultrasound and a follow-up visit. after all of this, he finally got health insurance--not through work, because even though he works full-time, he's considered a temp worker. who does he work for? the fucking government!

Iain said...

From afar, their shameful whining seems to amount to, "God Bless America...but f*ck the Americans who can't pay." The disgusting self-interest and contrariness, badly dressed up in political speak, is obscene but almost understandable. Eight years to come up with something, anything, with regards to reform that most sane people know is needed - complete inaction. Other than screwing the economy and handing over money to their friends who did the screwing. Lost credibility, lost mandate - now go away and be quiet. Pretend healthcare reform is the mistress you're keeping secret.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Iain, where are you from and how's your healthcare there?

dguzman said...


okjimm said...

firstly-- I liked this post a whole big bunch.

lastly-- I liked your last post a bunch too.

Thirdly -- I wish the fat chick with the really really squeaky shoes would quit walking back&forth by my desk. I mean, those shoes really really squeak, squish and it is really really annoying. really.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hey thanks, Okjimm.
I've seen you all over Blogland and I was pleased to discover that "OK" does not stand for Oklahoma.
I hate that state--they do all the shit that Texas gets blamed for.
I am totally Oklahomophobic.

Regarding squishy shoes, I suggest a think layer of tiny ball bearings scattered around your workspace.
Squeak, squish, BOOM!

Karen Zipdrive said...

ooops make that "a thin layer"

Karen Zipdrive said...

ooops make that "a thin layer"

Iain said...

I'm in the UK, Karen, however I can't pretend to be an expert in our National Health Service. I'm a lucky sod in that I'm not often ill enough to want to see a doctor, but I know that I can if necessary, without having to worry about cost or cover. It has its faults - I believe waiting times to see GP's are an issue over here, and I guess that's the balance that comes with the service being free at the point of care. I do know that for something more serious, I would be taken to hospital, accommodated and treated, without having to worry about finding money to get better.

I do worry that healthcare will go the way of education here, with more of the cost being put onto "users", rather than being seen as a national investment as before. That said, even our Conservative party (Republican-lite), at a time when they can say and do nothing for a year and still win the next election, have already pledged to maintain the current spend on health in Britain. During a recession and owing so much money, I still think the NHS is viewed as a national treasure. I know we have the same right-wing idiots who'll disagree, the ones who live in comfort but love to examine the entitlements of everyone else, but I think they're a minority.

Lulu Maude said...

One of your best.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I have TriCare insurance and it sounds very similar to what Iain describes.
It's shit for basic doctor visits, with long waits for appointments, but if I get really sick they do their all to heal me.
But the cost is minimal and all RX's are delivered at no cost.
Ultimately, everyone must be their own advocate and fight for their own wellness.

Distributorcap said...


didnt you know the gop does have a health care plan


i fucking hate hate hate hate Rudy. and the politicians with great health care talking to journalists with great health care

HelenWheels said...

Great post, Karen, I've been amassing all sorts of info like this to use in my arguments with asshole rethuglicans who have a "I've got mine, screw everyone else" attitude. I'll add your information. It's beyond ridiculous we haven't had reform before this. I really don't know how Obama's going to pull it off with so much resistance. I think we have to all call/write our congress critters and pester them nonstop. Can't think of anything else to do.

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