Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Paris Jackson Eulogizes Her Daddy

After crying through three hours of Michael Jackson's memorial today, his daughter Paris made me sob like I was coming unhinged.
I don't think a man this beloved by his daughter is capable of molesting any child.
Oddball, maybe, but pervert? I seriously doubt it.

RIP Michael


bigsis said...

I wasn't prepared for that. It was from her heart and it brought tears to my eyes because I never knew until after his death that his children adored Michael so much. I wonder why we never got to see the "daddy" side of him.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think he had that one area he kept private, especially after he held his youngest one over that balcony in Germany.
I think he tried hard to shield them from the tabloids, but all those masks and veils seemed kind of nuts at the time.
Now I can kinda see why he did it.

FranIAm said...

I can imagine that someone who had such a royally fucked childhood might actually be a decent dad. This made me - like it did bigsis - cry unexpectedly.

As for Michael, he probably was just a weird oddball and did not molest as we understand molestation or perversion.

We will never know. The sad truth is that I was a kid once molested by her dad... And when he died suddenly when I was 12, 2 weeks shy of 13, I was devastated. I might have said the same things she did.

We will never know, I am not condemning him nor absolving him. I just can sit in this in between place of knowing that we will never know.

nonnie9999 said...

sorry, but i couldn't watch even a minute of this shit splashed all over the so-called news channels. this was all orchestrated not to honor jacko, but as a marketing ploy. will the news channels show the kids of dead soldiers crying, because they miss their daddies or mommies? nah, why cover them? i bet their parents couldn't even sing or dance!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Nonnie, I think you may have liked it because it wasn't just a bunch of people who didn't know him talking about him non-stop.
It was very emotionally charged and touching.

nonnie9999 said...

oy, don't get me started. no, i wouldn't have enjoyed it, because i don't like being manipulated, especially when the goal is that the production company makes money and so that the jacksons can restart their careers. is the little girl crying because her father is dead or because they forced her in front of a microphone to speak when she's vulnerable, thereby allowing janet to look like the heroine when she so dramatically clasps the young girl to her bosom?

sob, sob, my daddy was the best daddy in the whole world! no, the best daddy would not have (by his own admission) taken you from the delivery room of the hospital without the permission of the doctors. the best daddy would not have bought and paid for a sperm donor and a rented uterus and then not allowed you to have a relationship with your mother. maybe your mother didn't want to have anything to do with you. the best daddy would have either chosen someone with a bit more maternal instinct or used an anonymous surrogate. your best daddy didn't do that, though, because he needed to own you and your brother, and he didn't want to use his own sperm. he had to marry the rented uterus.

i told you not to get me started. i wish his children luck. everyone else who showed up for their free publicity, i couldn't give a shit.

bigsis said...

Thanks nonnie, I was just about to take the bait on this whole deal, but you make a very good point. The children appear to have substituted Bubbles the monkey in MJ's life.

But I still cry for the children, they can't possibly have lived a normal life, nor will they ever live a normal life being part of that family.

I did however hugely enjoy everyone snubbing old pervy Joe Jackson. That was fun - even the Reverend Al sidestepped him.

dguzman said...

I didn't watch it, but I agree with you Zip that Michael probably didn't molest kids. I believe he probably just reverted to his inner child and did slumber parties with them; even the sleeping-in-bed-with-them thing was probably non-sexual, just one of those things kids do. The trouble was--Jacko wasn't a kid. So people got freaked and called him a pervert. But I'd be willing to be the guy didn't do anything at all sexual with kids. He just wanted to be a kid again.

Of course--we'll never know.

bigsis said...

Hold everything. I just read that neither Queen Latifa, John Mayer or Jennifer Hudson had ever met Michael, Brooke Shields hadn't seen him in 18 years, and Usher and Mariah Carey both barely knew him.

Didn't Usher break down crying when he sang and touched MJ's casket? This thing was just a big ole showcase for hams, with Janet leading the herd.