Sunday, August 23, 2009

FranIAm Has Risen!

One of my absolute favorite people, Fran of the famous blog FranIAm, went dormant a few weeks ago.
Her blog wasn't working for her anymore, so she quit.
Now she's back with the fabulous new There Will Be Bread, listed to the right.
From her debut post, I can see it'll be filled with thought provoking insight and God only knows what else.
Go see her, make a comment and say hello to my little friend.


Fran said...

Aw shucks Karen, you are always too nice to me. Thank you.

And risen - that is good. You got "teh smart."


Thank you!!!

Karen Zipdrive said...

You're welcome, Fran.
It's a great new blog and worth reading.

bigsis said...

I enjoyed it too because its inspires me to think about re-examining my own life.

dguzman said...