Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, Come on....

The rightiest of right-wing politicians who have notoriously thrown their bodies across the tracks of health care reform now have a new line of bullshit:

"If Teddy were still here, we could have negotiated a great health care plan..."

I won't bother to name names, because any Republican Senator either said it, or would have said it had they been bright enough to think it up.

Teddy was a LIBERAL. He made no bones about it, and he never wavered. As a strong but collegial liberal, he may have chatted with and slapped the back of a few right-wing obstructionists, but he would not have caved to their demands. He would have known they were shills for Big Insurance, and he would have smelled the lobby money in their pockets.

The right-wing of this nation knows they'll look like turds if their don't say nice things about the late Senator Kennedy, but for them to try to revise history and imply Kennedy was a centrist is bullshit.
Teddy was a liberal. So much that politicians like these Republican liars often used him as campaign bait--"Vote for me or the Senate will be filled with Teddy Kennedys!"

So GOP Senators, stop the bullshit about Saint Teddy being the only person who kept you from endorsing a health care plan. That's a lie and everyone knows it.
And it's bullshit.


Dusty said...

I thought I was going to toss my cookies when I heard all the various Rethugs stating only Kennedy could of saved the healthcare reform bill.

They lie all the time about everything..but this..this is disgusting on every level.

nonnie9999 said...

the one thing teddy would never have caved on was the public option. this goes further than teddy kennedy though. it's about the american people. teddy kennedy didn't need a public option. he was rich enough that he didn't even need health insurance. however, he knew that most people were not as privileged as he was, and he knew that the public option is the only thing that will save people who have the same cancers that he and 2 of his children suffered from.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Unlike most Republicans, Teddy was always on the right side of history with his votes.
From desegregation, to voter rights, to S-chip, to his monumentally prescient vote AGAINST Bush's Iraqi war (and much more), his wisdom was reflected in the way he served his constituents, and all Americans.
Republicans, as usual, have some nerve pretending they are mourning his loss. The only thing they regret is losing a tool they used relentlessly to drum up votes from ignorant, regressive voters.
I just hope the new Senior Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry, can emulate Teddy and stand up to Republicans and public opinion, and serve the people even half as well.

Distributorcap said...

ho hum more GOP hypocrisy

they are all fucking assholes