Friday, August 21, 2009

Whoa, Everybody, It Was Them, Not Me.

Bush's Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge is trying to sell a book, so he's chummed the waters with the revelation that BushCo "maybe" tried to "play politics" by elevating the threat color chart just after the Democratic National Convention enjoyed a six-point bump.
Poor Tom.
He said he knew back then it was probably time to quit the Bush administration because he felt politically pressured to raise the terror level, but then he didn't quit at the time, now did he?
He let the Bush people politicize the threat level and stayed mum about it until years later, when it was time to sell his book, so now he's acting like some kind of noble statesman for tattling on Bush.
The time for Ridge to do the right thing was back then.
A public announcement that he was quitting because he refused to phony up the threat level would have harpooned the dishonest Republicans and quite possibly won John Kerry the election.
But now he's just one more Republican scumbag who regrets his alliance with Bush, lost his ability to earn a decent living because of it, so now he's written a book to recoup a little money.
Screw Ridge and his latter-day confession.
Anyone who willingly joined the Bush administration either knew they were throwing their lot in with liars and crooks, or were too stupid to know, which is just as bad.
It was no surprise that Bush and Dick manipulated terror threat levels, none whatsoever.
We so-called loony liberals knew it at the time, and being vindicated years later is no great prize.
The great prize would be a special investigator who can pin crimes on Bush and Dick, and see they're tried and convicted on most if not all of them.


bigsis said...

On the subject of security for Bush, the Secret Service told the Dallas PD they'd pay them to help provide security for Bush. Dallas agreed but pulled out when the SS stopped paying Dallas to do their work. Dallas has removed the DPS SWAT team claiming the City doesn't have enough money. Reduced security = karma for Bush leaving the country in hopeless debt.

So Bush proposed gating the neighborhood to the tune of up to $750 a year for other homeowners. I'm thinking that pissing off snooty Dallas people may now require even more security for Chimpy.

nonnie9999 said...

and, of course, ridge waited until the statute of limitations was up before he disclosed anything. he's just another fucking coward like colin powell. either one of them could have blown the lid off the chimpy administration, and neither one did. too bad none of them will be indicted for all the deaths in iraq. there's no statute of limitations for murder. i wish that someone at every booksigning for ridge and any of the other fuckwads would ask how it feels to have blood on their hands and then profit from it by writing a book.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Ridge's book, with or without the tasty tidbit, is just one more shamed GOP politician trying to distance himself from the crime and treason infested Bush Administration.
The media has already read us the only passages worth reading.
No mention of the other drivel contained inside.

Fran said...

Ridge can stick a color coded terrorism chart where the sun don't shine. I hated that sham from the get go, and yes the color code never did got blue or green, because we were encouraged to live in fear. If anything they could cover their asses & say well the chart was at Orange.

I will always equate the color coded terrorism chart with the sound of flushing toilets, because once at a major airport, they were announcing the terrorism color of the day & several toilets flushed in unison, so all you could hear was flushing. I had the revelation that the sound of flushing toilets was equally effective as whatever the color codes they were announcing.

Ridge's book can go down the flusher too.
Timing is everything , Dude.
Code brown for you!