Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Still The One

Pause just a moment.
Can you imagine the disaster had George Bush gone to North Korea to free the two journalists rather than Bill Clinton?
No, no, no.
Bill Clinton's still got it. Yay!


g said...

Tha Big Dog.

Elvis goes to Pyongyang. How could it not work?

I think it's great, and I think it's funny to see the Rightwing wriggling in thwarted outrage.

Diva said...

What excactly do Republican ex-Presidents do for their country after they leave office?

okjimm said...

//...had George Bush gone to North Korea to free the two journalists ..//

Shit.... Bush would only go over there to exchange torture techniques... waterboarding vs. bamboo splints up the finger nails.

&ya... what Diva said. Jimminy the Carter might not have been the best Prez... but he is absolutely the best ex-Prez ever!!

Diva said...

And while the fake christians talk up their religion and morality, Carter walks the walk.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Clinton also walks the walk.
In answer to Diva's question about what GOP presidents do after they leave office...
1. They count the duffle bags of money Big Business paid them to fuck the country.
2. They get paid megabucks to give speeches to their Big Business partners in crime.
3. They write books nobody but idiots read.
4. They pick up dog shit.
5. They stop clearing brush and pretending to be ranchers.
6. They chuckle about getting away with breaking the law.
7. They collect money for their liebraries.
8. They avoid public service and altruism at any cost.
9. They stop going to church and pretending to be good Christians.
10. They watch war footage while they jerk off.

Diva said...

Fucking scumbags.

bigsis said...

I've read that Clinton and Carter don't get along and don't even speak. Wonder what that's about??

Dusty said...

OK, I have to give Billy his due..he did a great job and he still HAS IT!

All hale to The Chief!

Bless his silver head.

nonnie9999 said...

i cry every time i see the footage of the reporters coming off the plane and all the hugs afterwards. can euna lee's daughter be any more adorable? what really did my heart good was seeing the genuine affection displayed between al gore and the big dog. that hug was not fake.

p.s. it's hilarious watching pat buchanan trying to turn this into some kind of foreign policy disaster.

bigsis said...

And Bill had no comments for the press, he just did what needed to be done for no reason other than to be a nice guy. I love Bill Clinton.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Sis, Clinton resented Carter for going to North Korea and other hot spots without first clearing it with his White House.

Please note that Clinton returned from rescuing the reporters without a single word to the media afterwards. Class act.

And if you see Pat Buchanan, please remind him that North Korea didn't have nukes until that idiot Bush was in office. Or better still, write that message on a stiff piece of cardboard and ram it up his dumb ass.

Dusty said...

KZ, he also didn't get debriefed by the White House. He flew straight home to NY. ;)

Fran said...

Dread the thought!

Bush would have arrived with Blackwater thugs toting heavy artillery.


But what nonnie said about the reunion.... the little girl was lovingly holding on to her moms pony tail. Maybe psychologically she was thinking, I better hang on to Mom!

Distributorcap said...

can dick morris and john bolten suck on each other toes already and STFU

bush should only know how appreciated and actually loved around the world Clinton is

and you know what YEAH FOR HILLARY --- what a great job she is doing

FU media for continuing to trash her

Lulu Maude said...

He looked so solemn in all his NoKo footage. Stately dude.