Monday, August 24, 2009

He's Back After a Week of Suspension

Hurray for the national companies who dropped their advertising on Glenn Beck's television show. So far, 33 of them have nixed advertising on his show.
I guess they drew the line at Beck calling Obama a racist and refusing to retract it.
But what makes me wonder is, why aren't these major advertisers also keeping their ads from running on other hatemonger's TV shows?
Surely Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs, and most of the Fox News meat puppets are guilty of the same sort of hate speech.
How did Glenn Beck get all the negative attention?
Maybe it's because his mental illness is so palpable.
His histrionics, crying, yelling, mugging for the camera and all the other stunts he pulls are so obnoxious, even money-hungry advertisers want to distance themselves from this wacko.
I wonder how much longer his show will last without substantial advertising dollars coming in?
His ratings are allegedly great, but with sponsors like ExTenze dick enlarging pills, some kinda egg cooker and free credit reports, how much can Fox News be making on this drip?
I'd love it if they axed his show.
It would embolden citizen activists to protest other crazy shows, and maybe calm down some of the mob mentality we have stewing in America.


Dusty said...

As you mention, the advertisers have merely put their ads on other Faux Noise no loss of revenue for Rupert.

That's why they won't dump his fuckwitted ass and probably never will.

Color of Change started the campaign to contact all of Glenneth's advertisers and they consider it a success, but as long as that idiot is on's a failure of the highest order.

Lulu Maude said...

Wotta putz, eh? And his icky book is a best seller.

'Course, maybe all his fellow schmucks bought up cartons of them.

nonnie9999 said...

UPS has temporarily stopped buying ad time on faux news, not just glenn blech's show.

HelenWheels said...

Meanwhile, I read on Huffpo that an new hate winger is back after being shut down by boycotts years ago. *Sigh*

bigsis said...

The other idiots on Faux are better at pretending to be sane/normal. This guy can't go one minute without his doing a 360 and he pukes.

bigsis said...

..without his HEAD doing a 360...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Regardles of his bluster and bravado, his ego had to take a beating knowing all his major sponsors dumped him.
After all, he does seem to get easily upset. LOL!
The right-wing likes him like lowbrows liked the Jerry Springer show. He's the angry dimwit's favorite neo-con asshole because he embodies them.