Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How to Solve the Problem of Phony Angry Mobs at Town Hall Meetings

The right-wing lunatics and lemmings have a new tactic: attending ordinary town hall meetings and disrupting them with canned outrage, organized by Big Insurance lobbyists.
How to solve it:

1. Ask all attendees for identification, and limit the audience to area residents who live or work within a 100-mile radius.
2. Hire MoveOn and Code Pink members as security, and arm them with chocolate cream pies.
3. Use a talking stick and if anyone tries to speak without holding the stick, beat them with it.


bigsis said...

Big public gatherings are totally out. The meetings have to be held in a place where id's can be checked at the door.

Or let the ignorant bastards continue because they're doing a great job of losing sane, civilized folks from their own party.

If I'd known about this crap going on I would have organized my own posse and showed up to defend and protect Doggett yesterday. I could have had 100 angry lesbians there in 10 minutes to whip up on those idiots.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Sis, I would have definitely driven up to Austin to disrupt those assholes and defend Lloyd Doggett's efforts to hold a civilized townhall meeting.
A few sharp elbows and some loud lesbo voices screaming back at them would have discouraged a lot of those scripted phonies.
Democrats are always too polite to those cornpone bullies. A good Doc Marten boot stomp on the insteps of their SAS pleather oxfords would go a long way toward curtailing this new tactic.

nonnie9999 said...

there was a good diary over at the big orange on how a townhall meeting was held successfully, despite the asshole teabaggers showing up:


Karen Zipdrive said...

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) was on Rachel Maddow's show tonight discussing how these phony shills for Big Insurance (aka the GOP) just strengthen his comittment to fight for health care reform.
These teabagger lunatics are out of control--would it be too far fetched to consider them a legitimate threat to the President and all Democratic legislators? Should we start to notify the secret service of any threats we might hear them verbalize?
Let's say I overhear one say, "My bunions are killing me, damn it."
In a room filled with an angry mob of teabaggers, that statement could be misheard:
"My, my, I wanna kill a Democratic legislator."

Fran said...

Your list is not exactly *Roberts Rules of Order*...
but I like it anyway.

I especially like #2. = )

Dusty said...

Oh you SO ROCK KZ!!!!


bigsis said...

Doggett's going to try again Saturday morning to get a crowd together to discuss and answer questions re the health care issue.

This time I'm going to be there and I'll have no qualms about telling someone to shut the fuck up, I'm not there to hear an ignorant asshole, I'm there to hear my Congressman.
I called my friend that's with AFlCIO and asked her to please get her posse there too. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Um, How's that hopey-changey thing going with all of you lefties out there? LOL

Karen Zipdrive said...

Anonymous, usually I delete bitchy comments like this, but then I'd miss out on the chance to tell you to go fuck yourself, then have the pleasure of deleting your reply.
Once again you prove that anonymous scumbags are cowards who talk big behind their monitors.
How's the wimpy, chickenshit thing going with you?

Dusty said...

W00T! I love you KZ. ;)

Anonymous said...

Better yet, hire the Hells Angels for the Town Hells. It worked so well for the Stones.