Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Forget Death Panels, Give Me Stupidity Panels

I may have to stop watching MSNBC for a while.
Between Sarah Palin and her death panels and these town hall shills paid by big insurance and their Republican employees in Congress to disrupt town hall meetings, I'm sick of it all.
I've had to avoid attending any town hall meetings because I'm at the stage where I'm ready to start kicking these idiots in the balls.
One Republican guy in New Hampshire today attended Obama's town hall meeting wearing a loaded gun in a holster. Clearly he's too stupid to be allowed to own a firearm.
I'm just sick of crooks and the idiots who follow them.


nonnie9999 said...

did you see tweety take gun guy apart limb by limb? tweety aggravates me, but he's something when he has a bug up his ass about something. he made gun guy look like the imbecile he is.

Dusty said...

Tweety is a tool most times, but he did jerk that idiots chain didn't he?

KZ, I know what you mean..I really have tried to avoid the 24/7 news channels lately..

Now that tv number two is going back to Vizio..I won't have to worry about it for at least a fucking week.

Fran said...

I on the other hand am taking the silent but potent approach.

I am thinking about going to the town hall meeting wth a poster/sign of a giant BAND AID.

Because for all the fucking clamor about death panels -n-shit, the real truth of the matter is the GOP has got ****nothing*** to offer, but more of the same.

So I'm into saying we have socialized medical care or have an effing bandaid... cause that is what the GOP offering up.

It's a lot like that budget with no numbers.

Health care with no care.

I'd have my fun asking my House Rep-- we've heard a lot about the health care reform public option from the Democrats, is the GOP actually offering any plan?

Maybe a $2000 tax break????

Average surgery- $15 to $25,000.

Yea right.... are they offering anything REALISTIC???

Michael Hart said...

Try to look at it this way, Karen— I know you can— the more disinterested and distracted Americans see and hear these crazy fucks, the closer we'll be to really seeing the equivalent of "stupidity Panels."

Now; finding competent judges for them, that's another problem. ;-\

Anonymous said...

You are so right. I would like to............... well, I can't say on a public space. They just may come pick me up under the Patriot Act. Like they should be doing to these reich-wing nutters!

Anonymous said...

No Fran. The GOP is offering more corporate Tax Cuts, baby, Tax cuts!

bigsis said...

Big signs at the rallies is a great idea. There were some really clever ones and they used the large ones to put in front of the faces of the shills.

Iain said...

I know what you mean...it's getting to the point of turning off the TV, or letting out one long primal scream to try to drown out the stupids.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I wish Obama would tell the GOP to bite him and just take a run at this with Democrats only.
What's the use of having a majority if you refuse to enforce the will of the people?

bigsis said...

Unfortunately some of the blue dogs have been cozy with insurance lobbyists too, so we can't count on all the Dems.

For a respite I watched the vanilla evening news on regular tv last night. Nothing happy going on but it was soooo refereshing not to have to hear opinions from idiots and the anger and bickering.