Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rachel Maddow vs. Dick Armey

MSNBC trumpeted this weekend's episode of Meet the Press because Rachel Maddow and Tom Daschile would be squaring off against Repugnicans Tom Coburn and has-been, fat fuck Dick Armey.
First, I'm sure Tim Russert is spinning in his grave at the thought of weakling David Gregory moderating any episode of MTP, especially this one.
But after trying my best to listen to Dick Armey's convoluted jibberjabber and Coburn's Okie horseshit, I have to say I loathe Armey as much as I loathe Dick Cheney, and Republican dicks in general.
What a condescending, finger wagging piece of shit.
Maddow's reports of Armey's non profit group being behind disrupted townhall meetings caused him to be fired from his regular job as a legislative mouthpiece for some bigshot firm. The details don't matter- she got him canned and that's why I was licking my lips at the prospect of them squaring off on Meet the Press.
But David Gregory was unable to keep things on track, unable to prevent the Republicans from filibustering based on bullshit, and unwilling to man-up and take charge of the show by insisting his questions be answered.
When Maddow was allowed to talk uninterrupted, Dick Armey would mug for the camera and fiddle with his fingers like she was lecturing a 4-year-old on quantum physics.
Though I love the idea of a Ph.D. lesbian taking on a Dick Armey, Gregory's benign moderation made sure she was denied the courtesy of speaking without being spoken over by the two special-interest owned Republican assholes on the panel.
Next time I hope they pit Keith Olbermann against Republican liars like these. He'd never be as polite and patient as Dr. Maddow.
Fuck Dick Armey.
And Coburn.
And that mealy mouthed wimp David Gregory.


nonnie9999 said...

sorry, but you can't really pin it on david gregory. the rethugs were rude and interrupted, and that's what rachel should have done. she sat with eyes down, and allowed them to speak over here. not once did she say, you had a chance to speak, give me my turn. sorry, but she was ineffective. i wish they had put lawrence o'donnell on in place of rachel. it's not her kind of forum. she's very polite on her show and allows people to talk. however, she doesn't usually refute them until the next day. that will work with her loyal viewers, but it doesn't work on a show like mtp, which, unfortunately, has a larger viewship. this was a chance to reach those who don't watch msnbc nightly. daschle was more effective than she was. i wish that wasn't true, but it is.

Distributorcap said...

i knew she would be outgunned by Armey and Coburn --- they are pros at being douchebags and rachel - as the young kid on the block (and being a woman) - is forced into some sort of "nice gal" role

that i why i didnt watch - i love rachel, but i am sure her "bosses" told her to be respectful

ps - dg is the worst
i am SO glad his ratings are so much lower than russert

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

David Gregory is a twat.

Dusty said...

A twat? Hell no..he is a douche nozzle of the highest order!

Rachel doesn't seem to be as hard-hitting as I thought she would be when facing off with bags of batshit like Armey and Coburn.

But I still love her. ;)

Karen Zipdrive said...

Tim Russert would have reigned in the douchebags and allowed everyone to talk unmolested.
Rachel Maddow is a brainiac but I agree, she's very polite and prefers to do her attacking afterwards. Tonight's show might be good.

bigsis said...

The only person that could have handled those 2 idiots is Lawrence O'Donnell (or maybe Keith). As moderator Lawrence would have exposed their lies instantly and then forced them to let Rachel have her say. No doubt she'll think of wise retorts and blast them tonight, after the fact and without confrontation.

DG was the moderator, he was supposed to control of the discussion. He didn't. I'm sorry I watched that slaughter.

bigsis said...

O'Donnell playing actual hardball with stupid Rep. Culberson (R) from Texas - Now THAT's how to handle idiots.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Rachel got even tonight, by exposing Dick Armey's ties to a fake grass roots web site called, "Angry"
The site's a front for a DC lobby that represents some fuck-all Big Business enterprise.
She may not be confrontational, but she's definitely a skillful revenge seeker. Methinks Armey's about to face a nightly expose on her show--then her buddies Keith, Ed, Chris and Lawrence will join in and dogpile on the old piece of shit.

nonnie9999 said...

i haven't seen the show yet (i watch the middle of the night rerun), but it's just not good enough. she doesn't have to convince the people who watch her show. they already agree with her. the people she wants to convince were watching mtp, and they aren't going to watch her show to find out what her rebuttal is going to be. the same people watch ed and keith. the only one who might make a bit of a difference is tweety, and i don't really see him going after dick armey in a big way. i think hardball is the only one of those shows that some rethugs might watch. if larry o was still subbing for him, it would be a different story.

she might have had a great rebuttal, but if you lose a football game, you can't come back the next day and explain how you might have won if you had replaced one play for another.