Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Concentric Bloggy Circles™

I've been on a little spirit quest these past few weeks.
Seems like reigning in all of life's little problems and taking a look at them is a great way to see that things are pretty damn good, considering.
Take my health, for instance.
With diabetes, there are daily glucose levels to monitor, then there's the mother of all tests, the quarterly Hemoglobin A1c (or Glycohemoglobin) blood test. That test gives an overall 24/7 glucose average for the last 3-4 months.
When I first was given that test, I measured an 11, which is considered totally fucked up. Nine point five is considered poor, if that tells you anything.
I got the results from a recent lab test I took and I am now a 6.7, which they call excellent. Normal people should be around 6.5 or less.
My lab tests reveal a few weird spots like an elevated thyroid, but I can't read my doctor's handwriting so I could be totally wrong about that. I'll see her on the 20th for that horrid total physical exam that includes a leisurely stroll up my colon with some kind of giant, inflexible oscopy tool. Ow.
The summer weather here has been less than hellacious. I use my lawn as a gauge. It's still green, so that's a good sign. My basil is still hearty, so that's another good sign.
As far as my g/f goes, letting go of all the labels, terms, strings, conditions and expectations has been the best thing we ever came up with.
Here's something I read that I may have tattooed on my arm. "One's level of expectation is in inverse proportion to one's level of serenity."
Yeah, baby.
Yesterday I bought a new garden hose. It rained.
I almost threw out a T-shirt I thought was too small. It fit.
I found a Spurs championship T-shirt at a street vendor's for 5 bucks.
My cat almost puked up a hairball. He changed his mind.
Life is good.

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