Thursday, July 17, 2003

Remembering the Days...

Didn't this Blog used to be kind of funny? I seem to recall it being funny, but lately it's been a real piece of crap. Sorry folks, I've been in a funk for a few weeks now.
Last night in an attempt to defunkify myself, I went to a party.
The party itself was for a funky reason. My friends didn't get the baby they were adopting after all so they threw a thank you party for all of us who rooted for them along the way.
Someone produced a very fancy bottle of tequila toward the end and I almost ended up signing up as a Presbyterian. Long story.
Last night I held hands with a beautiful woman. That was all we did, but it felt good and everyone kind of noticed that we were doing it. Turns out the 11-year relationship she was in ended last December, but I am a little gun-shy about women who just crawled out of relationships. Anyway, she's a beautiful woman and she gave me a book of Rumi love poems for my birthday. Hmmm.
Meanwhile, the weather here has been awful. It's always either drizzling, raining or pouring and the winds are slamming all our outdoor chairs and stuff around. I haven't ridden my outdoor bike for more than a week because of all the debris in the street.
My Mexican heather plant has been over-watered from the rain and I have to put her into protective dry-out custody.
Like my Blog, things around here have been far too soggy.
Let's pray for a little sun.

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