Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Doctor Doctor, Gimme the News

I went in for my annual physical today and everything is pretty damn peachy.
My doctor, who reminds me of a younger, prettier Charro from Love Boat fame, did a thorough breast exam which was actually quite pleasant. The girls just loved it.
Now all I have to do is some very disgusting things with popsicle sticks and stool over a three-day period, get another mammo, a bone density exam and another gyno exam.
My mood is somewhat brighter than yesterday. Must be the barometric pressure and the passing of the full moon.
Last night I dreamed I was sleeping overnight at my Mom's house alone with a girlfriend, and in the middle of the night all eight of Mom's TVs turned themselves on. Even after I unplugged them all they were still on. Wonder what the hell that meant?
After the physical, I went to the grocery store and resisted the urge to buy a cookie.
Boring life? You bet it is.

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