Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Remind Me to Wear a Burqa Next Time

On Tuesday I wore a rather snug lycra tank top to Willie's House of Pain.
He sized me up at the door and said, "Uh huh. Today is abs, triceps and trapezius day."
Now that I know he has that sadistic streak, I plan to wear nothing but loose T-shirts and baggy shorts from now on.
He made me do 40 sit-ups and 60 ab crunches. Then this horrid thing where he put a barbell on the back of my neck and made me squat, much like an ox loaded for market.
I have very strong ham strings and decent quads, but squatting in any way is my least favorite exercise.
By the time I was done I swear I could smell bacon burning.
Now I am too tired and sore to type, so I am done for now.
Squat amongst yourselves.

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