Friday, July 18, 2003

Picture this.

You are a handsome young boy whose father was a talented professional basketball player in Europe. You are the only son among sisters, and you are reared as the bright, adorable pride of the family.
Reared in Italy, you speak fluent Italian in addition to inheriting all your father's basketball talent, and then some.
You move to America late in your high school career and become a phenom in basketball, so much so the NBA drafts you right out of high school.
The first team that drafts you as a number one pick isn't quite big time enough for you, so you pout until you are traded to the huge market L.A. Lakers, where you wanted to start your pro NBA career all along.
By age 18, you are a handsome, superstar millionaire and the darling of the NBA.
You make millions more endorsing Sprite and Adidas shoes.
You become a three-time NBA champion and are voted at the top of all the all star and fan polls. You gain another $40+ million endorsing Nike products, and your NBA contract is for more than $77 million, with multi millions more to follow when that expires.
At age 22, you meet a teen angel of 17 and fall in love with her. You get engaged and married the following year. Your doting parents object, so you ignore them for a year.
An adorable baby daughter soon follows the marriage.
You are world famous, filthy rich, talented and not used to hearing the word NO.
Away from home, leaving the new bride at home to care for and recover from birthing your baby, you stay in a luxury Colorado resort.
You see a pretty, 19-year-old blonde hotel concierge and you feel like fucking her.
She comes to your room, maybe because she was promised an autograph, or maybe because you asked for something like extra towels. A concierge is trained to handle special requests from VIP guests, so it's a logical thing she might go to his room.
So you grab her sexually, she says no, so you rough her up and you fuck her anyway.
After all, what young girl wouldn't want to fuck Kobe Bryant, the man whose good looks, fame, talent and riches make him never have to hear the word no?
The Colorado police and district attorneys mull over the evidence for three solid weeks.
Through forensic evidence, DNA and witness testimony, they file felony sexual assault charges against one of the country's most powerful and richest young celebrities.
Though you initially deny fucking the girl, once arrested and charged, you publicly admit you committed adultery. Your wife, barely 21, sits loyally at your side during your tearful press conference.
Is it possible that Kobe, who had heard nothing but yesses since he was a youth, decided a no wouldn't do?
Is it possible he thought he was as invincible in a hotel bed as he was on the court, and nobody on Earth would think he'd have to force a girl to have sex with him, so he just went for what he wanted?
I think when a boy is worshipped like a little god and becomes an international idol and mega millionaire in his adulthood, he most certainly has difficulty taking no for an answer.
I think a small Colorado jurisdiction, knowing they face an attack from the best nationally known lawyers money can buy, and a trial that will change their lives, would have to have some extremely compelling evidence to file felony sexual assault charges.
In America, we are presumed innocent before we are tried...unless we are nobodies, poor, or a minority, or powerless, or unable to afford adequate legal representation.
Rich, famous people, especially superstar pro athletes, get special treatment. Think O.J. Simpson.
I think Kobe, with his own money, the Lakers' money, the NBA's money and major TV networks hoping to continue to draw viewers who worship Kobe and the Lakers, will get off with a slap on the wrist.
But I think he took what he wanted, just like he's done all his life.

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