Monday, July 28, 2003


• Seems the wedded bliss of Liza Minelli and David Gest has hit the rocks. They have separated after only 16 months of marriage.
My guess is, David ran out of excuses for not sleeping with her, since HE IS THE GAYEST MAN ON EARTH.
• Bob Hope died at age 100. Poor guy.
• The woman who accused infidel Kobe Bryant of rape was in the hospital four months ago on a suicide watch. I guess his defense team will try to connect depression with wanting to have rough sex with a total stranger while on duty at the front desk of a resort.
I get depressed sometimes, I wonder if I should try to meet Kobe?
Rumors at The Drudge Report (inspired by Barcode's Blog) say the victim's face was pretty banged up and some people in neighboring rooms heard a lot of noise coming from Kobe's room during the 'alleged' rape.
If the prosecutors can show facial injuries and signs of forced sodomy, I think Kobe may have a bit of a problem explaining things.

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