Tuesday, February 18, 2003

A Blogatorial™

I love how the Department of Homeland Insecurity has backpedaled on their Orange Alert so we Americans don't panic and deplete the world's supply of duct tape and plastic sheeting.
For Christ's sake, how much longer are we going to have to listen to these overpaid civil service dimwits and their half baked security plans?
I'll tell you what, brothers and sisters, if we get to the stage where we have to rely on duct tape and plastic sheeting to keep from getting poisoned by enemy-launched airborne contaminants, we may as well just bend over and kiss our asses good-bye.
This administration started as a benign joke, sort of like the way we tolerated Nixon stand-in Jerry Ford as a harmless nuisance until we could elect a real president.
That is no longer the case.
This administration has stripped our budget surplus, sailed us into a sea of deficits that will take decades to repair, and now stands to demolish alliances that we've been able to count on for the last half century or more.
We would have to improve our global image to be considered laughingstocks.
What the world is seeing, as judged by recent global protests of epic proportions, is a President who is dangerously ignorant, sickeningly arrogant and putting the entire world in peril with his knee-jerk reactions and suspicious agendas.
Jerry Ford was comically dimwitted, but harmless.
George W. Bush is dumb AND mean spirited.
He's making us all look bad, and as Americans we need to stop tolerating this crap, write to our legislators and demand something be done about Bush before he starts WWIII and plunges us into an economic depression.

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