Sunday, February 09, 2003

Sunday Bloggy Sunday

I finally got to see "Chicago" at the movies yesterday. It was great. I like musicals and this one made actually me like Richard Gere *and* Catherine Zeta Jones. And Queen Latifa's costumes were incredible. She's got some serious shelfage I'd never noticed.

Survivor Amazon will be starting in four short days. This time it's the men against the women. I saw an M-TV special preview and the cast seems filled with people we can love and hate. I can't wait!

Martha Stewart is wondering to the media why everyone hates her. I think if she gets sentenced to some jail time, she'll find plenty of women who'll love her like she's never been loved before.

"Mama Mia," a Broadway musical featuring the music of ABBA, has a touring company in town right now. I'd rather take an icepick to the eye than see that.

I got some new progressive vision eyeglasses. No line bifocals.
I am officially an old coot. All I need now is an apron with Kleenex crammed in the pockets and I will officially be my grandmother's reincarnation.

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