Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Homage to Jodieeee

Ms. No Comments/Because I Say So Jodi recently blogged about words and phrases she hated. I am stealing her idea.
I may have done a version of this in past blogs but I have no short term memory and no patience to sift through the archives.

Copacetic: as in "everything is copacetic." Why use that word when 'fine' is so much clearer?
Utilize: "use" works just fine. Utilize does not make using something more important.
Irregardless: should be a class C misdemeanor to use this word.
Fustrated: it's frustrated, silly.
Should of: this phrase makes me want to slap someone. It's "should have," damn it.
Affect: means "to influence." It's a verb.
Effect: means a result. It's a noun. Or a verb when it means "to bring about."
Suppose to: It's supposeD to, damn it.
Towards: no 's' required. Towards makes me develop a nervous tic.
Anyways: Please! No s required!
I could care less: if you 'could' care less, then you care at least little.
Chester drawers. Oy.
Fuckin' A: what's that supposed to mean, anyway?
Invaluable: hey, if it's valuable, you can just say so, we don't mind.

Have I missed any?

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