Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Ordinary Envy

I spent some time reading my bloglinks this morning and I was pleased to read about so many ordinary, daily life stories. Theirs always seem more interesting than mine.
My biggest obsession today is to find my favorite rayon Hawaiian shirt for my weekend trip to the beach.
The weather forecast is calling for cloudy in the 60's down there, but I think it's okay to whip out the beach shirt, just to take the focus off my new piggy-face sunglasses if nothing more.
I read the news today online. Between Mike Tyson's face tattoo, duct tape as the panacea for terrorist attacks and the U.S. trying to persuade Turkey to let our troops launch a war from their front porch, I am pretty disgusted.
Tom Ridge is now surfacing as another Bushian bumbling idiot, with his suggestions for home survival kits. Fact is, if we need to stash water and rations in case of a terrorist attack, we may as well add a few cyanide capsules to our little kits.
My ideal survival kit would be a giant crate containing a new president and cabinet.
Oh, and one more item I heard on NPR the other day.
VA hospitals in major metro areas now have one-year waiting lists for veterans to see a primary care doctor.
With the baby boomer, Vietnam-era vets starting to fall apart and overwhelm the VA's capabilities, has anyone considered what a new generation of Iraqi war veterans might expect in terms of medical care from the VA? Does the term bupkis ring any bells?
I bet Bush hasn't factored THOSE costs into his big fat budget.

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