Tuesday, February 25, 2003

a word about eminem

Okay, what's this whigger's problem?
I have been catching him here and there for ages now and I want to know why he's so damn grim.
After the Grammys he was photographed frowning next to a grinning Bruce Springsteen.
Surely his childhood wasn't so bad that's he's not able to crack a grin standing next to The Boss, for chrissakes.
He reminds me of a male Alanis Morrissette. After expressing all that youthful angst and making a few zillion dollars off it, what's to be still so angst ridden about, little fella?
Did someone key your S Class Benz?
And he needs an alter ego called the Real Slim Shady to express his darker moods? The boy is a walking dark mood.
I know he's cracked the mainstream and all, and even Elton John forgave his homophobia and sang a duet with him, but honestly, what's his story?
He just seems like a grouchy little bastard to me.

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