Monday, February 10, 2003


I am starting to get all sorts of e-mail petitions and pieces that speak against going to war in Iraq. People are joining together en masse to try to put an end to this madness, and it's about time. Congress reps and senators are starting to ask Bush and his cronies the hard questions.
Ending Al Qaida-style terrorism and finding Bin Laden were the concepts that got us involved in Afghanistan.
Bin Laden is the head of the snake. Saddam is just another poisonous lizard.
War with Iraq will cause Islamic states and nations all over the globe to side with Allah, and Allah likes Iraq. We don't need more enemies, especially religious wackos who think dying for Allah will help them find eternal... whatever.
When you get that mail, forward it. Write to the editors of your local newspapers. Vote for those who oppose war. Contribute to campaigns whose candidates oppose war.
War has it's place. This is not it. Spread the word before it's too late.

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