Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Life Is Good

Ahhh, such bliss! I got a new coffeemaker yesterday and my life just got a lot simpler.
Having tolerated my old Braun coffeemaker for far too long, it finally just quit making coffee on Sunday.
San Antonio is a hard water city and the calcium deposits finally fossilized the innards of the old machine. Making half a pot took more than 30 minutes.
Now I can cop a caffeine buzz in three minutes flat.
This new baby has a programming feature so I can set it up the night before. It's like having a mate make morning coffee for me without all the negotiating!
Speaking of mates and relationships, a friend of mine told me about a prayer she reads in her morning meditations.
"Dear God, you know and I know that I have more potential for neurosis in this area than in any other. Please take my attraction, my thoughts and feelings about this person and use them for your purposes. Let this relationship unfold according to your will. Amen."
Makes sense to me. Relationships can be so hard to figure out, so we may as well let God sort out the details.

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