Sunday, February 02, 2003

Foggy Days and Movies

What's with the fog in San Antonio lately? I feel like I'm in San Francisco.
My best friend Anna called this morning, wanting to catch an afternoon matinee. Sounded like a plan, but she wants to see "The Recruit" and I'd rather to see something that doesn't involve murder, bloodshed and mayhem.
I'd kind of like to see "Chicago," but it's a musical and Anna would probably rather eat a broken beer bottle than see a musical. She is a total man when it comes to movies.
We have seen the two worst movies in history together, "Beloved" and "Magnolia."
"Beloved" still gives me a queasy stomach just thinking about it and "Magnolia" finally made me decide I can't stand Tom Cruise.
I think when it comes right down to it, I like chick flicks the best.
Too bad my chief moviegoing companion is a man trapped in a cute girly girl's body.
Maybe I'll ask her husband to a movie. He likes chick flicks.

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