Saturday, February 08, 2003

Snow, sleet and a pretty bad movie

I think the AOL weather service is trying to gaslight us.
The current temp is 37ºF and they forecast snow and sleet for San Antonio.
It rarely snows or sleets here. Last time I recall it snowing here, A Flock of Seagulls was on the top ten charts.
It's gray and drizzly outside, with the sun trying to poke in from the Southwest. It is not going to snow or sleet. They are crazy.
Meanwhile, last night I went to see Spike Lee's latest joint, "The 25th Hour."
Spike has lost his magic touch. Aside from a brilliant soliloquy Edward Norton's character delivered to a men's room mirror, the rest of the movie was like waiting for something interesting to happen.
I nearly fell asleep, except for the acute gastritis I was having from too much fiber in my diet earlier that day. Nothing like stabbing gut pains to keep one on her cinematic toes.
Anna asked me to see Kangaroo Jack with her and Andrei today. I almost went for it, but sanity prevailed and I have decided not to go.
After all, it's too snowy and sleety outside.

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