Saturday, February 01, 2003

Saturday's Procrastination Blog

• Horrible news about the space shuttle. I wonder how many people thought "terrorism" when they first heard about it?
• Ugh. I have to go to Sears today. What a depressing errand. It doesn't even smell like popcorn in Sears anymore. I always feel like my parents when I'm in Sears because I never have to go there for any fun reason, it's always for something functional.
• I have to see the ophthalmologist on Tuesday. I need a diabetes eye exam, which I know will reveal the need for a new lens prescription anyway. Now I have to pick out new frames, all of which seem entirely too small for my face.
• It's a snowball effect, getting new glasses. After new glasses, a new haircut has to follow. Then my clothes will not fit the new look of my head.
• I watched a little bit of "The Man Show" the other night and it was actually sort of funny. Then they started ragging on Rosie O'Donnell and I realized how she must threaten some men, being rich, fat, married to a woman and raising all those kids.
• The female alternative to The Man Show is "Girls Behaving Badly" on the Oxygen network. It's hilarious. Anyone seen it besides me?
• The odometer on my stationary bike broke last night. Without visible evidence of how much I've ridden, I can't stand to put forth the effort. So I actually had to hunker down, examine the mechanism and fix it. I was so proud of myself, I rode another 10 miles on the bike.
• Anyone seen Madonna lately? Yipes. She's starting to look like Gloria Swanson, ready for her close-up.

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