Friday, February 07, 2003

Uh oh! We are under Orange Alert!

How ridiculous.
The Office of Homeland Insecurity Director Tom Ridge has put the country on Orange Alert, just one step away from Red Alert.
Oh, come on. We've been on Red Alert since September 11, 2001, who's kidding who?
While North Korea is moving ingredients for actual nuclear weapons all over the place in plain sight, Bush and his buddies are squawking about empty shell casings, and Powell is showing the world computer mockups of supposed mobile bomb labs in Iraq, fuzzy satellite photos of God knows what and acting like the smoke and mirrors are real things.
Of course we are under Red Alert.
The Middle East thinks we are coming to blow them all up.
Meanwhile, North Korea is taking advantage of the distraction and running amok. The U.S. government is ignoring them and letting them do whatever they like.
What the hell's going on in Washington DC?
Has everyone gone CRAZY???

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