Thursday, February 13, 2003

Oh, My My

The men against the women in the season premier of Survivor.
The men, filled with testosterone-charged bravado and cockiness, came on strong at the beginning.
The women, led by the token dyke district attorney, seemed a little weak at first. They do not make shelter well. They do not use kerosene to help light the fire. They wash their buffs in scarce drinking water. Idiots! I thought.
Then they kicked the men's asses in the first immunity challenge.
I was thinking the woman with the hearing loss might be a liability- especially when Jeff was explaining the first challenge. Then I worried about her balance. She seemed fine.
So they kicked off Ryan, the pretty boy age-o-phobic sexist.
The men were sexist pigs, some bordering on downright misogyny. The women were insipid, disorganized and and whiny.
I am not in love with any of them yet.
Let me think.

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