Sunday, June 15, 2003

A Bad Omen?

My friend Cris bought a Martha Stewart outdoor patio furniture set with a shatter resistant glass tabletop from K-Mart. K-Mart was having a going out of business sale and Cris loves Martha Stewart's design savvy, so she thought she'd really scored on her purchase.
During a thunderstorm last night, the tabletop glass shattered.
The table was on a patio, covered by a roof, so we can rule out lightening.
Cris has no redress for the shattered glass.
K-Mart is gone in San Antonio and Martha is probably too busy picking out prison outfits that will match the putty color of her new cell.
Cris sees this as a bad omen for Martha. I see it as just a stroke of bad luck for Cris.
I think she should fire off a letter to the editor of Martha Stewart Living, since she still has a subscription to the magazine.

In other news, I am all about tonight's NBA game, where the Spurs should finish off the Nets once and for all. I have decided to stay home and watch it with a friend rather than face the celebrating highway crowds after the game.

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