Monday, June 23, 2003

A Voice From the Past

Last night I got a telephone call from a woman I knew in Los Angeles when I lived there 25 years ago.
I met her at a party in Long Beach when we were mere pups. She was cute, I was cute and our eyes met across the proverbial crowded room.
Alas, she was towing an anchor in the form of a spinsterly Alice B. Toklas lookalike. That was her lover, Virginia. Little did I know then Virginia was a notorious woman chaser, else I would have happily corrupted Stephanie's moral principles.
We tried making out once on the Fourth of July, but it was hampered by Virginia being down the street and liable to pop in at any minute. Coitus spinsterruptus.
Now a Vermont resident, Stephanie hunted me down via Google and found me nestled in the warm confines of Sauna Antonio.
Her partner Ellen has published more books than I have articles. Stephanie always did go for those brainy girls.
Anyway, a rekindled friendship with someone living in New England makes me very happy.

Speaking of Google, I looked up my name and found a few minor references. Then I looked up my Blog name and found hundreds of Karen Zipdrive mentions. Perhaps I should sort out my priorities.

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