Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Harry Potter Book 5

I am 200 pages into this 820-page mammoth of a book and it sure doesn't seem like a children's book to me.
This one is far darker and has lots more characters. Harry, Ron and Hermoine have gone from being cute little kids to quirky puberty people.
That was to be expected, but J.K. Rowling has done an especially good job with the age transitions.
No, I don't know who died yet and I am praying some overachiever on the Internet doesn't blab the secret before I can read it for myself.
Just before I received the HP5 book, I had cracked open "Caramelo," by Sandra Cisneros.
She's a local loca with a purple house.
Seems she bought a house in the King William district, which is a staid and historical old neighborhood, and she promptly painted her house purple with turquoise trim.
The old school establishment residents (read: old fat white guys) objected, saying the colors were not in keeping with historical traditions.
Well, Sandra told them that back when those rules were established, Mexican Americans were not allowed to move into that 'hood and pick their own colors.
So, everyone who supported her in the neighborhood started tying purple ribbons around their trees, causing a commotion that finally allowed her to keep her purple house.
I've seen her house many times and it's really nicely done.
Anyway, she's a hell of a writer whose books make you want to go out afterwards and drink tequila shooters and maybe get a tattoo of the Virjen de Guadalupe.

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