Monday, June 16, 2003

The Spurs Won!

Last night the Spurs finally shut down the New Jersey Nets and won the NBA title.
Phil Jackson, bad sport and coach of the Lakers, can shove that 1999 asterisk up his suspiciously high posterior.
My pal Melly and I watched the game at my house. She brought over the most amazing, huge bowl of fruit that looked like it was styled for a photo shoot.
After the game, the freeways were gridlocked with traffic going downtown to celebrate. No riots or burning police cars to speak of, but it was pretty noisy out there.
So now what?
Survivor and Six Feet Under are on hiatus and the basketball season is over, unless you count the WNBA, which I don't.
I guess that leaves hot weather and my cats to talk about.
Meanwhile, I bought a new weightlifting book that's been pretty daunting so far. I plan to ease into it as soon as I can. It'll require some note taking and chart making, both of which are tedious chores.
Weightlifting, as it turns out, is more than developing biceps. Seems they want you to do both the top and bottom muscles on alternating days. That in itself sounds like a case for buying bucket-sized bottles of ibuprofen and an ice machine.
Oh well. May as well get into it. It's not like I have any special TV shows to look forward to this summer.

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