Sunday, June 22, 2003

Sunday with a Caved-in Head

I went to the kiddy party yesterday afternoon. I saw la and we had a wonderful talk.
It was great to see her and she looked sensational. She liked my highlights.
I wonder if I'll ever be able to stop loving that woman?
The party was huge and Andrei was really popular. That was a great relief. I saw la's little boy and he hugged and kissed me hello and good-bye. God, I miss that little weasel.
On to party number two.
Oy vey.
It was not a reporter kind of party at all. It was more a mom, pop and kids party. I took Melly. We stayed approximately 12 minutes then fled.
We escaped to a wine bar and ended up meeting these two sweet gay guys, one of whom was a mergers and acquisitions man and (gasp) a Log Cabin Republican.
There is not enough wine to wear down a politically insane person. God knows I tried.
He and I did agree to split a very pricey bottle of Argentinean Malbec. The wine was excellent, even with the political gibberish that accompanied it.
On the getaway drive from the bad, bad party, Melly got all het up at me for inadvertently driving us into a closed military base, festooned with armed guards. Apparently the Bat-Turn ewey I did caused her some concern. Wimp!
One day she'll realize that Crone Power makes us old bats bulletproof and invisible.
Nobody expects a 50-year-old broad with glasses to do anything untoward. Even with brand new highlights in her hair.

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