Monday, June 30, 2003

Seems like a long time...

I know I rarely miss a Blog day, but I've had some off-line life going on that was catching my attention.
Let's just say when the sodomy law was overturned by the somewhat Supreme Court, I felt a need to celebrate. The cops didn't bust in and arrest us, so I guess the new law has some teeth in it.
Not to get into things too deeply, but suffice it to say la and I had a long talk on Thursday and spent some very nice time together since then. Being jittery about dumping and getting dumped again, we agreed to say we are NOT back together, just 'back in communication.'
Sometimes in the face of transition and potential turmoil, the best thing to do is simplify. So, simply put, we love each other and otherwise we don't know shit from Shinola about the rest. One day at a time. That's the ticket.
Meanwhile, as I was maniacally painting my dining room early last week, I found lodged behind a cabinet a large, colored pencil rendition I had nearly finished of a Monet water lily painting.
I finished it over the weekend and realized I had more or less forgotten about the zenlike properties of making art. So I think I am about to have an art spurt.
Last night I tested the limits of my glucose tolerance by making dinner for my sister Jan and me. I made a nice salad with field greens, tomatoes, fresh herbs, balsamic vinaigrette and tamari almonds, then I made fusilli with chicken, caramelized red onions, fresh rosemary and gorgonzola. We also had several hunks of a baguette, dredged in olive oil with cracked black pepper. And we split a bottle of superb Malbec from Argentina.
I was fretting about my glucose numbers this morning, but I was relieved to find a respectable 113. A count of 124 or higher is considered active diabetic, so I skated by another little test of intake vs. output.
The 4th of July holiday weekend promises to be a lot of fun. While la plans to spend her holiday at the coast with three talkative girlfriends and a Border collie in an RV, I plan to hang out some with Katie, the woman who gave me James the kitten. She's coming in from San Diego to escape the cool ocean breezes and abundant flora. Go figure.
Meanwhile, Katharine Hepburn died. I loved her.
Jodie Foster better toughen up and start to emulate her, because she's about the closest thing we have left to the old legend. Jodie could start by coming out of the closet. Not that Hepburn was a lesbian, but she had tendencies.
Anyway, farewell to Ms. Hepburn. I'm going to miss knowing she's around.

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