Monday, June 23, 2003

Scandalizing the Rich White Folks

My best friend Anna lives in the ritzy part of town, with the kind of neighbors who are named Biff and Bitsy, leftover from their ivy league fraternity and sorority days.
It's not uncommon to see streets in that neighborhood cordoned off with Secret Service agents stationed all over the place so Dubya can visit his rich contributor pals unmolested by the common folks.
So one evening, Anna and her husband Brad are lounging in the backyard by their pool, listening to some easy, breezy Parisian lounge music at a fairly loud volume, courtesy of their all-weather BOSE external speakers.
Suddenly the mostly jazzy, non-lyrical music segues into a sort of rap song.
The lyrics went something like this:
"Hey muthafucka bring some dope to my house then I'll fuck you in the ass then we smoke some muthafuckin crack..."
Anna and Brad looked at each other in shock, worrying what the neighbors might think.
Then they just settled back in and let the music play.

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