Thursday, June 26, 2003

Silver Stars Again

Today our semi popular WNBA team the Sauna Antonio Silver Stars have a home game at noon. How convenient for all the season ticket holding gym teachers who are off for the summer!
Anyway, I can't resist those plushy 6th row seats, so I am going.
We are playing the arrogant Los Angeles Sparks, and I'll actually be close enough to heckle the loathsome Lisa Leslie.
Being primarily a Spurs fan- who incidentally are the reigning world champions- I am accustomed to rooting for the overdogs. That will not be the case today.
I just hope our 7'2" center Margo Dykedick remembers to put her arms in the air on defense and aim for the hoop on offense. Her stats are not entirely bad, she does lead the team in foul percentages. Collecting them, I mean.
Guard Jennifer Azzi is pretty good, I guess. She's got some incredible arms to look at, at any rate. Her stats aren't so hot, but she certainly is.
The Sparks are on a 9-game winning streak and lead the West in standings.
I think this game might require some beer. Lots of beer.

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