Friday, June 13, 2003

Tanned, Rested and Rrrready to Rrrrumble

My trip to the coast was very relaxing and pleasurable.
It rained hard on Tuesday while we were on the beach, but riding back on the bicycle in the chilly wind and rain was exhilarating.
South Texas sand is very fine and gritty, so my skin feels smooth and soft like I got massive dermabrasion. Sunblock saved me from severe burning. I ate so much fresh shrimp I am sick of it (for now). Turns out I used everything I took with me, so my packing was quite apropos.

So, I come home yesterday to more than 70 E-mails.
I deleted the prescription drugs and penis enlargement ads first.
Then I read the dreaded guilt tripping family mail, the shopworn forwarded jokes, and saved the political stuff for dessert.
It seems the entire political world is all agog about George Weasel Bush and his henchmen being such fat fucking liars about WMD's in Iraq.
Here are some of the tastier headlines:
• The White House hopes the WMD scandal will go away.
Check out Take on the News -- our new Blog -- to find out why it won't.
• HOODWINKED: Americans are beginning to realize they have been duped by a president in whom they once instilled immense trust.

• FORGED EVIDENCE: A prominent Democratic congressman wants Condoleezza Rice to explain one thing: why Bush used forged evidence to push the Iraq war.
• PREVARICATING PRESIDENT: Why Democrats need to seize on Bush's WMD lies.

• Go here to take action and urge Senators Frist and Daschle, the Majority and Minority Leader respectively, to convene a select Senate committee immediately, with sufficient funding and investigative power, to learn the truth about what the Bush Administration really knew about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Hmm, looks to me like the only allies Bush will have come reelection time are his kinfolk, Barcodie, Ken Lay and the Florida Voting Commission.
Meanwhile, American soldiers are still being killed in Iraq and unrest seems as high as ever in the Middle East. What did that war accomplish? Not a fucking thing, unless you are one of the Bush buddies with massive oil investments and/or construction companies getting sweetheart deals to "rebuild Iraq."

In other news, Canada has approved gay marriages. Even queer Americans can marry there, although their legal marital status won't be recognized at home.
Way to go, Canada. For a bunch of hosers, you guys are okay, eh?

The Spurs and the Nets are 2 and 2 in the NBA finals. I watched game four with la's ex-husband at his house at the beach. Hey, what can I say, his TV was better.
Tonight is do or die for the Spurs. I hope the voodoo pins I stuck in Jason Kidd's crotch don't cause him *too much* pain.

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