Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Who Let the Dogs In?

After a long hot day, a friend of mine dropped by last night for a visit.
It was one of those nights when hot food sounded sickening, so we just had fresh tomatoes and basil with some diced Oaxaca cheese and balsamic vinegar thrown in.
We were both too lethargic to do anything else, so staring at the TV seemed the path of least resistance.
Has anyone seen "Dog Eat Dog"? It's embarrassingly imbecilic, therefore I loved it.
It features contestants who are short on brains and long on hard bodies. They have to swim really well, otherwise they may as well be doorstops.
It was followed by a reality show where 10 comedians live together in a Hollywood mansion, each trying to be the last one remaining.
Last night they booted this weird guy from Austin who was funny on stage but a complete dick to everyone when he was in the house. His personality was so split, he reminded me of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Heckle.
It's no Survivor, but it may have to do until the next Survivor series begins.

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