Saturday, June 14, 2003

I Got A Basketball Jones

Poor, poor New Jersey Nets, getting whipped in their own little arena.
I'd like the Nets okay, even with known wife beater Jason Kidd on board, but I just loathe reserve Center Aaron Williams with his dark orange hair and puce colored lips. He just hurts my eyes.
And what about Mutumbo? How the hell old is that guy?
Those Jersey fans are straight from Central Casting. Yo, Vinnie. They make Penny Marshall sound like William Jennings Bryant. six is Sunday night in San Antonio.
The S.A. fans are insane. Go Spurs Go signs are hanging off every car and home. Downtown buildings are festooned with banners. Infants are wearing little silver and black T-shirts.
Most say this will be the final game in the series, and for veteran David Robinson who'll likely retire with a second championship ring, I am happy.
My dilemma is where and with whom to watch the game on Sunday. Do I choose the loud drinkers' house, the chatty, convivial non drinkers' house or my own place where I can control the environment?
My only certainty is my girlfriend won't be watching the game with me. She considers watching basketball on TV on a par with getting a mammo, a root canal and an IRS audit simultaneously.
Speaking of watching the game on TV, some of the ads that accompany this series are showing a very disturbing trend.
An ad for a movie called, "2 Fast & 2 Furious" shows a bunch of young black guys drag racing on the streets with some macho/nerdy white guys.
I think it's enough that The Man controls the drug, malt liquor and weapons flow into the Black community. I find it distressing that Hollywood is now glorifying crazy mofo drag racing among young Black men. Just one more way to fuck them up.
The best ad is when Dallas Mavs Coach Don Nelson is speaking to his team of international players in several different languages. The last bit, "Hey Nashie, how about hustling it up a bit, eh, ya hoser" is hilarious. After plenty of exposure to Canadian accents over the last three+ years, I really appreciated the subtlety.
So, who besides New Jerseyites, New Yorkers and Texans are watching the NBA finals?
The best thing about them is no Shaq and no Kobe, that couple o' hosers.

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