Friday, June 20, 2003

An Innocent Outing

This morning I went to the hospital to get some blood drawn and see the podiatrist for my biannual hoof and mouth examination.
Afterwards I went shopping and found absolutely nothing. Not even shoes.
So I am driving home and feeling drab and remembering I always do something to my hair during transition times.
So I'm thinking highlights but my hair person is always booked in advance, so I decide to go to the rather low tech salon near my house, whose proprietress Christie Lee is a fiery transgender/activist of national notoriety.
Her shop was closed, but I said I didn't care if it was a mess or whatever so she let me in.
So we get to chatting and we start that bull dyke-this and transgender-that kind of gay banter. She's a little rough around the edges but funny, so we are having a good time.
Okay, so she's a woman who was born a male and she has a husband who is a man and she's sort of like a womanly man or a mannish kind of woman.
We aren't quite done talking by the time my hair gets finished, so I go home to get my copy of 'Transister Radio' for her to read.
I went back to her salon and we proceeded to share a certain herbal item, at which point she starts talking nonstop, telling me her sordid but highly entertaining story.
Turns out she's got entertainment lawyers, publishers and movie producers all over her for rights to her story.
So there I am with newly highlighted hair, a transsexual and her assistant Daisy who sat off to the side and listened to us shmooze.
Daisy is a trannie about 6'2" in her 40's who was wearing hot pink satin lounging pajamas and strappy mules. She had a little blonde hairdo, sort of like June Allison.
After a few hours, I realized I'd whiled away a good chunk of the afternoon in a strange transsexual's salon, talking with her about marketing and PR for her book.
If she makes a fortune off her story, I'm going to invoice her for $10,000.
For media consultation and strategic planning. Less the cost of the highlights.

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