Saturday, June 21, 2003

Woe is Me

I think I had too much watermelon last night. I awakened with a panda belly and a moon face, which can only mean one thing. I have to sweat it off before the kiddie party this afternoon and the adult party tonight.
That means a hard bike ride before it gets past 120 degrees outside.
I think my bike has a leaky back tire. It went flat on me as I was riding yesterday and I had to put air in it. Now I'll have to get it properly fixed.
That means removing about 40 gear things from the back wheel in order to extricate the tire and get some goons down at the tire shop to fix it. They will say they don't do bike tires. I will have to charm them. Maybe my panda belly will excite them.
I am inexplicably depressed this morning. Fortunately, I do not have the luxury of hunkering down in bed and reading all day to escape.
I think I slept poorly. James, my 40-pound puma, decided to sleep where my feet should have been all night, so I had to sleep in a fetal position to accommodate his Virginia ham sized ass. I was too sleepy to kick him off. He's still in bed, right in the middle of it now.
Well. I can see that Blogging is only going to solidify this panda belly, so I must get out now and move things around.

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