Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Tuesday: Choose Day

I slept late and awakened with a body that felt like lead and a head that felt much lighter.
Not to go all spiritual and new ageish on y'all, but last night I just turned this whole breakup mess over to God and prayed for a release from the emotional pain I was feeling.
It apparently worked.
The resentment and anger is gone. We had a very tender love affair, but it didn't last for reasons beyond my control or comprehension. Bad, bad timing. Nothing I can do about it.
Time to move on.
There's a party this weekend I'm going to attend.
My pal/colleague Tommy is turning 40. He's a photojournalist married to a journalist called Tina, one of those women everyone loves. They went through a really bad patch while Tommy sorted out a mid-life crisis. Now they are back together and happy again.
Today is my friend Katie's birthday. She's the woman who brought me my kitten James from San Diego in 2001 when he was just a little three pound ball of fuzz.
Now he's a huge, puma-sized cat but he still retains the gentle kitten manners Katie taught him as an infant.
Happy birthday, my friend.

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