Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A Cold Button Issue

Just for the record, most of the gays and lesbians I know and read about are worried about the economy, the war in Iraq, record high gas prices, the outsourcing of American jobs, the environment, education, AIDS funding, stem cell research, affordable prescription costs, affordable health insurance and other issues Bush has failed to handle effectively.

I don't know of any queer who will refuse to support Kerry because he said his personal opinion was that he thought marriage was a union between a man and a woman. He's entitled to his personal opinion, everyone is. Besides, he said he's okay with civil unions between queers, and that's a start.
Kerry doesn't endorse a Constitutional amendment that bans homosexuals from marrying, and that's all that really matters. He doesn't endorse the amendment, but Bush does.

The Bush spin machine is trying mightily to stir up the gay marriage issue and keep it on the front burner to use as a political hot potato.
Is that really where we need to put our focus, folks?
I'm not a Bush supporter for a variety of reasons. His homophobia and pandering to the Christian right are pretty far down my list of the many reasons to oppose him.

The neocons want the right-wing to vote for Bush, so they are trying to scare them into thinking a vote for Kerry equals gays having the right to marry.
The Bushites are gleefully saying, "In Kerry's home state of Massachusetts, gays are lining up to get legally married."
By doing so, they are trying to tie in Kerry with the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision that
gave gay marriage the green light in that state. It was a court decision, not a Senate decision, so I wish they'd stop trying to confuse stupid, gullible people by implying that Kerry had something to do with it.

Let's get something straight about gays, folks.
If their gayness was that big a deal, most gays and lesbians would move to more liberal, gay friendly states and cities
I am pretty damn queer, but I live in Texas where they still shoot at us in some areas. Why? Because my family and my roots are here, because I have a career here, have a house here, was educated here and met my Texan girlfriend here.
My best friends live here, my ancestors are buried here, I bought my first and last pieces of real estate here and cast my first voted here.
I love Texas in spite of its conservative element.
I embrace diversity, even those redneck shitkickers who actually help make Texas so damn colorful.
Will Eclair and I end up moving to Massachusetts so we can one day get married? Hell, no.
Does anyone really think now that gay marriage is legal, EVERYONE in Massachusetts will embrace homosexuality and make it a land free from homophobia?
Get real.
I'm happy for all the Massachusetts queers who now have the state's blessing to get married, but like most queers, I think this issue is nothing compared with our country's need to dump this horrid administration and reclaim our country.
We queers can agitate for gay rights later.
When the whole house is on fire, it's not the time to bitch about remodeling the closets.

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