Friday, May 14, 2004

My Head is Stuffed

I am going to steer clear of the news from now until I read the Sunday paper.
I have CNN Abuse Syndrome, where I've watched so much news and read so many articles lately, I feel like my head is going to explode.
Dr. Phil was on Larry King last night, and maybe it's because he's a Texan and I understand his shpiel, or maybe because I like his directness, but I have to admit I like the guy.
He spoke of how we become inundated with tragic or controversial news and we go on little binges wanting to hear more and more, and we end up settling for hearing the same stories a hundred times.
In doing so, we break with the spiritual side of our beings and clutter our minds with horrible images and heated resentments that really can become toxic in large doses.

Nah. I'm taking a break.
It's Friday afternoon, the monsoon rains have stopped and the sky is clear.
I plan to spend the weekend with Eclair, hoping it gets hot enough to jump in her pool and play in the water with her.
We swam last weekend, but the water was so cold I just sort of rolled into a ball like a pillbug.
Poor Eclair was like a happy penguin in the water wanting to play, and all I did was shiver, chatter my teeth and make my eyes look real shocked.
She's very tolerant. All she did was smile and hug me to warm me up while I whined.

I just want to veg this weekend.
I want the image of Rumsfeld's face and the sound of Dubya's voice stammering and saying uhh every four words to disappear from my brain. For the whole weekend, I want to stop thinking of ways to persuade everyone to vote Bush out.

Speaking of which, I know I write a lot of political Blogs because I am indeed obsessed with getting Bush out of office.
Last night, when I was pondering new ways to convince everyone to vote Bush out, something occurred to me.

Those of you who Blog but rarely Blog about politics, if you want Bush to be defeated, please try to mention that on occasionally on your Blogs.
People like Mike Z, Crazy Tracy and Melly who get a zillion hits a day have a great opportunity to influence the undecided, stir the dormant and educate the ignorant.
While I'm on this brief political hiatus, I challenge everyone to write the ultimate political Blog. Stir people up! Make 'em cuss in your comments boxes! I may even award a little prize the the biggest barnburner.

My biggest decision tonight will be white or red.
See ya.

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