Friday, May 07, 2004

Hell Yes, Rumsfeld Should Be Fired!

Rumsfeld knew about the torture of Iraqi detainees and prisoners as early as January and didn't do a damn thing about it.
He's incompetent as Secretary of Defense and his incompetence has created a global backlash of epic proportions against the United States.
Remember when the war started and American GI's were destroying priceless Iraqi antiquities including rare vases?
Rumsfeld said of the media reporting the incidents, "It's the same picture someone coming out of some building with a vase," Rumsfeld joked, "and you see it 20 times and you think, my goodness, were there that many vases? Is it possible that there were that many vases in the whole country?"
Rumsfeld pooh-poohed it all, saying: "Bad things do happen in life, and people do loot."
That same arrogance and stupidity seems to have been applied to his knowledge of the prisoner abuse, and his attitude flowed to the Oval Office.
Bush has lied about this war since the beginning.
He has also endorsed the misdeeds of his Cabinet Secretaries by refusing to fire them.
This time, he's either been kept out of the loop by his scheming Defense Secretary, or like Rummy, he knew and didn't do a damn thing to stop the torture of prisoners. No More Rape Rooms, Bush said.
Rumsfeld said guidelines set forth in the Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war didn't apply in this instance.
Yet he didn't hesitate to claim the Iraqis violated those same terms when they allowed audio interviews of American prisoners to be broadcasted.
Is he out of his fucking mind?
Yes, he is. Either that, or he's just so damned arrogant he thinks he's above the rules.
Bush said he, "wants to keep him in (sic) his cabinet."
Rumsfeld may indeed need to be kept in a cabinet, but he does not deserve to be kept on the president's cabinet.
Whatever Rumsfeld says today when he testifies on Capitol Hill won't be enough.
He fucked up. He blew it.
It's time for him to go.

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